The Local Advisory Committee

The local advisory committee wears a number of different hats-- from guiding project direction and development to recruiting community members to nurturing 
community connections and carrying the torch to 
continue civic engagement after the formal project is over.  

Lausanne Allen, Dan Baker, Frank Bryan, Caroline Camara, Christa Clifford, Larry Detweiler, Tony Dominick, Cynthia Kling, Wendy McArdle, Jan McCleery, Vera Ryersbach, Frank Spina, and Robert Turner have invested a lot of their time on the committee as project stewards.  

Hear from local advisory committee member, Tony Dominick

“He lights up a room by merely flipping a switch”

I spent most of my working life in education (teacher and administrator) at private schools in Connecticut and Mount Abraham UHS in Bristol.  As an irrelevant aside, my son Tim perhaps followed in his father’s footsteps -- as an anesthesiologist he also is able to put people asleep.  My daughter Alison teaches online at CCV.  I have had odd jobs here and there, including serving in the Vermont legislature for two terms.

I have been a resident of Starksboro since 1971 and have been committed to community involvement and volunteer work as town moderator for 17 years, on the planning commission, school board, auditor, etc.  Presently I am a governor appointee to the Committee on Higher Education Funding.  I am incredibly curious, probably have too many interests besides more or less maintaining my land.  

In addition to the quote above, perhaps two others of Yogi Berra help describe me:

“We’re lost, but making good time”

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it”

(With apologies to Robert Frost)

Project Staff

Meet the Artist-- Matthew Perry

The Orton Family Foundation, (c) 2008

After graduating from the Swain School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design, Matthew established his own graphic design and illustration studio.  In 1989, Matthew created his own cartoon strip, "Cyrus and Ida", which appears weekly in the Vermont News Guide and is now a monthly addition to the Starksboro Gazette.  His paintings and sculptures are inspired by his surroundings whether in Vermont or through his travels in Europe, Brazil and Central America where he has also exhibited in group and solo shows.

In 1992, Matthew co-founded the Vermont Arts Exchange (VAE).  As VAE Artistic Director, Matthew oversees VAE's year-round arts outreach programs, exhibitions at the Stark Hose Firehouse Gallery and the Mill Gallery, and performances such as the Basement Music Series.  Matthew has also taken part in numerous school and community arts residences throughout the Northeast and in England working with youth-at-risk, the elderly, local schools and the general community.  He has facilitated several mentoring and training programs for artists and presented at many conferences on community arts and integrating arts into health care settings.

Matthew's vision for his artist-in-residency is to make art with community members that bridges and builds on existing community connections, traditions and treasures.