Roadside Conversations 2009
The Art Bus toured Starksboro's neighborhoods for an evening of food and stories.  Residents shared stories of special places like:

- "Tom's bridge" 

-the Morrison Place-- "the land, the wildlife and most importantly, the great folks we've met there"

-Cota field during "herd soccer" time when the field is "a mess of yellow and red; laugher and giggling" 

-"spot where the Huntington River goes into a steep gorge into the ravine… hemlocks…stones pink in places"

-Gary Orvis or Lum Melendy's shop

-"A place on our property where there's lots of really nice old maple trees.  A nice place to get yourself centered… and just sit"

-Camel's Hump

-"View right behind our house... it’s a place I look at for comfort and great connection. It seems like everything happens there.  The sun rises there, the moon rises there… It’s an amphitheatre of beauty."

-"There’s this rock which is my daughter’s favorite quiet place… It’s a great place to look at rainbows and great place to look at views of the mountains"